Employees spend £1,000 per year on workplace expenses, study suggests

11 Jan 2017

A study carried out by building society Nationwide has suggested that workers spend around £1,000 a year on workplace expenses such as birthday gifts, tea and coffee and social functions.

The data revealed that employees spend an average of £66.60 on birthday gifts and cards, £66.36 on coffee and tea, £102.24 on social gatherings and £96.48 on Christmas parties and lunches.

72% of those surveyed stated that they are happy to set aside money for a colleague’s leaving present and card, or for a birthday gift.

However, when it comes to contributing towards a charity or fundraising event, 36% reported that they don’t like to donate money.    

Nationwide also found that, while men are unhappier with spending money at work, women are more likely to feel pressured into handing over money for work-related purposes. 

Commenting on the findings, Alan Oliver, Head of External Affairs at Nationwide, said: ‘Working in an office can be an expensive business, especially in big teams. While most people value the camaraderie of working in a team, birthdays, retirements and charity fundraisers can take their toll on our wallets and purses.’