Client Charter

The Cooper Paul commitment to clients

As a client we want you to know that you have the right to expect the following standards from us:

  • Our aim is to exceed your expectations.
  • You will receive friendly, courteous service. You will be respected and not taken for granted.
  • We will act with integrity, honesty and openness in everything we do for and with you.
  • We will respect absolutely the confidentiality of our working relationship.
  • We will not necessarily be the cheapest, but our work will be of exceptional quality, and wherever possible we will aim to add value to your business.
  • We will meet any deadlines we agree upon (or in extreme cases, let you know well in advance of any inability to do so).
  • We believe the way we communicate with each other is important. As part of that process, we will respond to any communication we have from you within 3 working days of receiving it.
  • We believe totally that your perception of our performance is always the reality. For that, and other reasons, your feedback is critical to our desire to continue to innovate and improve. We always look forward to receiving your ideas, comments and suggestions.
  • If our work ever disappoints you then we guarantee an immediate refund of your fees provided you have fulfilled your commitments to us.
  • We will honour our commitments to you absolutely.

In return for the above we would like you to make certain commitments to us:

  • You will be open, frank and honest with us at all times. You will let us know immediately of any concerns you have about our work together.
  • You will give us all the information we need to do our work, in the timescale agreed upon.
  • You will make time available to work on things you've agreed to work on for us.
  • You agree to listen with an open mind to any advice we offer (we acknowledge your absolute right to reject that advice).
  • You will pay our account in accordance with the terms agreed between us.
  • You will give consideration to referring us to at least one other business person whom you believe would benefit from working with Cooper Paul.

Please contact us for more information.